Common FAQs about Microblading

Microblading is a beautification process that involves a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo to achieve the desired style and fill of brows. This procedure is non-invasive and completed by trained professionals who are experienced in this art. 

This beauty tattoo can transform those with little to no brow hair, scars, or unwanted brow shapes. With microblading, the professional artist uses hand-held, sterile microneedles to create the thinnest hair strokes with pigment. This makes a natural, crisp appearance. You may have other questions about brow enhancement, so let’s discuss those!

How long does it take?

This session can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. This includes a consultation, prepping your skin, color matching, and outlining the desired shape. The procedure itself can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. 

How long is the healing process?

You can expect approximately a 40-day healing time. This also depends on your skin type and if you follow all aftercare instructions correctly. Remember, 50% of the results are our technique, and the other 50% relies on YOU. 

What should I expect for aftercare?

Try to avoid touching your brows. Allow them to heal completely on their own without assistance, as our skin will naturally take care of the healing process. You may experience scabbing, but do not pick at the scabs to avoid losing color. 

Keeping the area clean and free from dirt or oils is vital. DO NOT use any cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA) or exfoliants. Apply a thin layer of ointment twice daily, and avoid activities such as swimming or saunas for at least two weeks after treatment. Following the proper aftercare process, you can maintain your new look for many years!

Is it painful?

We use a numbing cream to help ease the pain you may feel from the needles. You may feel some pressure or light discomfort, but it should not be painful. The discomfort level ultimately relies on your pain tolerance. Thankfully we have procedures in place to keep you as comfortable as possible while in our care!

What should I avoid after the procedure?

Remember where we said 50% of the results depend on you? That is not limited solely to following aftercare instructions but also avoiding certain activities after your microblading session. Here are a few things best to avoid: 

  • No facials, botox, chemical treatments, or microdermabrasion for four weeks.
  • Avoid hot, sweaty exercise for one week.
  • Wear a hat when outdoors to avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Avoid tanning for four weeks after the procedure. 
  • Avoid long hot showers for the first ten days.
  • Avoid topical makeup, including sunscreen, on the area.
  • Do NOT pick at any scabbing.
  • Avoid putting heavy cleansers on the area until it is fully healed.

How long does it last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that can last for approximately a year. Pigments fade over time and differ from client to client. It’s important to remember that everyone’s skin is different and will produce different results. We do not guarantee a specific timeframe, but we offer yearly touch-ups. However, touch-ups can be made at any point you desire to refresh or update your look. 

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Proper preparation of the skin helps ensure a successful microblading session. To begin with, you should thoroughly cleanse your face and eyebrows. We recommend you use a gentle facial cleanser to remove any dirt or oils that may be present on the skin. After cleansing, you should apply an antiseptic solution to the area. This will help ensure that your skin is in optimal condition for the procedure. Here are a few more prep tips:

  • Do not pick, tweeze, or wax one week before the procedure.
  • Avoid tanning two weeks prior.
  • Do not have any type of facial two weeks before treatment.
  • Avoid working out or sweating the day of the procedure.
  • Do not have botox three weeks prior.
  • Do not take Fish Oil or Vitamin E one week prior (these are natural blood thinners).
  • Do not drink alcohol 24 – 48 hours before your tattoo.
  • Do not drink coffee (or any caffeine) before your procedure.

What’s the difference between cosmetic tattoos and traditional tattoos?

Cosmetic tattooing enhances the natural features of your face. This form of tattooing offers a softer and more natural-looking appearance. It also uses pigments designed to fade gently over time, allowing the artist to change the shape, style, and color over the years as natural coloration and facial changes happen. Professionals use handheld microneedles to complete this semi-permanent procedure.

Traditional body tattooing uses ink and, most commonly, a tattoo gun. The style is to be used for artistic additions to the body that are meant to stand out. The technique also differs from cosmetic additions. 

Can I still wear eyebrow makeup after the procedure?

Absolutely! Once completely healed, you can continue wearing eyebrow makeup to complete the desired look. Microblading enhances your natural brow strokes and gives you the shape you want. However, after this procedure, you most likely won’t need to wear eyebrow makeup. This will save you time, and wake up pretty!

Can I still tweeze or wax my brows after the procedure?

Yes! After completing your follow-up appointment and having the green light to continue normal activities, you can tweeze and/or wax your eyebrows. Hair will continue to grow as before the procedure. 

How do I know if I am a good candidate for microblading?

During our consultation, we will do a thorough walk-through to discuss any conditions unsuitable for microblading. Here are a few of those contraindications that may prohibit this procedure:

  • Auto-immune disease.
  • Excessively oily skin and/or large pores on your forehead (pigment may not retain well, and strokes may look blurry).
  • Type 1 or 2 Diabetes (slow healing and infection, color may not retain well).
  • Thyroid/graves disease (medication may cause pigment to not retain).
  • If you are a smoker (pigment may not retain properly, and colors may distort).
  • If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing.
  • History of MRSA
  • Anaemia (pigment may not retain properly).
  • If you have a history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring.
  • If you have psoriasis in the treatment area.
  • If you have dark/solid existing permanent makeup (laser tattoo removal may be necessary).
  • If you have had a cosmetic tattoo removal procedure within the last eight weeks.

Other concerns may be brought up during your prep consultation.

If you have any other questions regarding microblading, please feel free to reach out to us! We would love to answer your questions and help you along your journey!


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