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Eyebrows frame the eyes, occupying a prominent position as one of the first noticed aspects of the face. Each style of eyebrow can create a different temperament on your face, and each face has eyebrow shapes which can accentuate natural beauty, and eyebrow shapes which can readily do the opposite. Working with a styling expert to find your perfect eyebrow shape and color is just one of the aspects that set Perfection apart in the field of eyebrow Microblading Permanent makeup. We will work within your tastes to find the perfect design that not only enhances your physical beauty, but the confidence and sense of calm within yourself.

Korea is the birthplace of modern permanent cosmetics and where one finds the most advanced methods of permanent design and technology. Korean Permanent Cosmetics is a combination of minimally invasive procedures enhancing the natural beauty of the face. The eyebrows, lash liner, and lips are designed and take shape through use of high-speed micro-pin professional tools, which allows the designer to create with an unparalleled level of realism, mimicking the direction and texture of real hair, making the eyebrows more vivid and the effect exceedingly natural. Whether your natural eyebrows present sparse, uneven, or even partially absent, permanent makeup allows you the opportunity to have your perfect eyebrow, worry free, from the moment you wake up until you lay your head back on the pillow to fall asleep. Whether you are taking a bath, exercising, burning the midnight oil or even sleeping, your good mood will radiate knowing that whatever the situation, your always will be looking your best.

Duration of Procedure: 1.5 to 2 hours