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Eyelashes that are full and beautiful draw attention directly to your eyes, giving you a sultry and intense look that keeps others longing for more. Full, beautiful eyelashes negate the need for sticky, messy mascara, but unfortunately not all eyelashes are created the same. Thankfully for us with thin or sparse eyelashes, eyelash extensions have moved into the mainstream. Now every person can have the most beautiful, voluminous eyelashes they have always dreamed about. Our skilled eyelash extension artists have honed their skills creating the beautiful eyelashes you have always desired. They meticulously secure each eyelash, at various lengths, to produce full, natural eyelashes that would turn Audrey Hepburn red with jealousy. In following with Perfection Permanent Makeup’s mantra, we place a premium on natural results. Visit us today to realize the fullest potential and beauty of your own natural eyelashes. Serving clients in Bethesda MD, Rockville MD, Arlington, VA and Washington, D.C.

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