Our Artists – Beryl

//Our Artists – Beryl
Our Artists – Beryl 2019-07-26T12:37:01-05:00

Advanced Artist

Price Range: $195 – $415

Beryl is an Advanced Artist working with clients to create beautiful and natural eyelash extensions. Beryl has 5 years of eyelash extension experience and has apprenticed directly under our Master Artist Recy Wang for over 1 year, specializing in full, natural eyelash extensions. Beryl talking with her clients, learning about what they want from their eyelashes and getting them there! She is always researching the latest trends in eyelash extensions so that her style is always up to date.

“No one realizes how important full eyelashes are to your look until you don’t have them! Short or sparse eyebrows can make the rest of your makeup look flat and even give you an always tired look. With eyelash extensions, I can help my clients add life to their smiles!”