Our Artists – Recy Wang

//Our Artists – Recy Wang
Our Artists – Recy Wang 2020-06-10T16:37:20-04:00

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Master Artist

Price Range: $675 – $975

Recy Wang is the founder and creator of Perfection Permanent Makeup with 13 years of permanent makeup experience. She is the heartbeat that has driven her company to become the premier permanent makeup and microblading studio on the east coast. Recy strives to achieve perfection in every aspect of her work with every client. None of us are born the same, and there is no standard eyebrow, lash liner, or lip coloring that can be applied to us all and achieve great results. She knows that each person has a unique look and a unique desired looked, and that both must be understood to create permanent makeup that will ensure her clients feel natural, beautiful, and confident every day.