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Eyes are the window to our soul, giving others a glimpse into the depths of our thoughts. The eyes give hints of a person’s wisdom, self-cultivation, and self-assuredness. A beautiful, rich eyelash line will make the eyes seem brighter and more charming to onlookers. The brighter look of the eye and the affect it will have on others as you talk with them will have you feeling more confident and comfortable in daily face-to-face interaction.

Drawing in an eyelash is a time consuming and ever irritating process. When time gets tight, this is usually the first step we drop from the daily beauty routine, despite the noticeable affect it has on the eyes. With a permanent lash line, the annoyance of this crucial beauty step will finally be put to rest. Perfection lash lines will make the natural contour of your eyes stand out with newfound clarity. Subtle adjustments of line shape and width allow you to customize the effect your lash lines will have on the shape of your eye, allowing you to pick your perfect eye effect that will have your eyes smiling along with you.

Duration of Procedure: 1.5 to 2 hours