Hold On to Your Beauty This Summer!

Summer is here, and the fun times are with it!

I’m sure you’ve already started to look at the beautiful beaches waiting for you, with that cool refreshing water. And I don’t blame you one bit! Personally, I love every part of the summer. Whether I’m relaxing in the water or participating in fun activities that keep my heart pumping, it’s all a good time.

I mean, that wasn’t always true…  If I’m honest, I didn’t LOVE the part when my makeup started to wash away, thanks to water or sweat. Fortunately, I don’t even have to worry about that anymore with my permanent makeup!

My eyelashes, microblading and eyeliner don’t wash away—which keeps me looking my best all the time. I could jog a mile or swim laps, and I’ll look the same.

So, I want to share how amazing permanent makeup is and how to get it done before your fun times really get going. First, let me explain something.


What permanent makeup is: (aside from the best thing for summer.)

Let me start with this. Permanent makeup is not permanent. It’s more like very long-lasting makeup—that can stay with you for two to five years, depending on the colors and other factors.

It’s known by other names, too, like cosmetic tattoos or even micro-pigmentation. Cosmetic tattoo artists use a pen containing iron oxide that basically tattoos the skin to create the look of makeup. It can go as far as mimicking eyeliner, lipstick or even making the illusion of thicker eyebrows. Pretty cool, right?


What is the point of it?

Well, I’m happy that you’re wondering! It’s a fair question. Aside from the obvious of needing to never reapply the same makeup time and time again, what are the other benefits? Allow me just a little time to explain.

First, I would like to say that I’m sure that you love how you look in makeup, and you’re right to!

The right amount of makeup can pull a whole outfit together by making your lips, eyes and eyebrows pop as they should! But, unless you’re a beauty influencer or someone who just really enjoys spending time and money on makeup, it can be hard to justify the expense sometimes.

Thankfully, permanent makeup removes all of that hassle and allows you to keep the same luxurious look. In other words, you can look forward to never wasting your money or time—only gorgeous looks. Do you know what that means? It means that you’ll have more resources to invest in some summer fun.

To recap:

    • No more spending tons of money on makeup.
    • No more hours are wasted on the application.
    • And you’ll have an everlasting youthful look. No matter how much time you spend in the heat of summer!


What you should know before diving into permanent makeup:

I firmly believe that permanent makeup is perfect for having a blast in summer without worrying about your makeup coming off! Still, there are some things that you should consider. I don’t want you to run off and get permanent makeup, then go on vacation to Hawaii the same week. Here’s why.

While permanent makeup is completely safe, it does need time to settle and let your skin bounce back. For the most part, your cosmetic tattoo artists will tell you exactly when you can return to your normal activities or hit the beaches. If they don’t, be sure to ask! Typically, it’s not recommended to apply any lotions or creams for at least seven days.

And there are a few more small recommendations like that to ensure that your skin stays healthy and your new permanent makeup can shine. So, if you want to hit the beaches late this summer, you should get to planning your permanent makeup appointment now to give yourself plenty of time to sort things out.


Get your permanent makeup done!

I just want to say a few more things before I set you free! One, do your research! If you’re not sure what you need to research or where to look, we have you covered on both counts. We have plenty of amazing posts just like this for you to check out.

Second, talk to a permanent makeup artist before making an appointment or committing! It doesn’t hurt to prepare.

Third, once you have your permanent makeup done and you can say goodbye to a lot of your standard makeup, use the extra space in your beach bag to pack some sunscreen! After all, you have to protect your skin as best you can!

Good luck!


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