Recy Wang

Master Artist

Price Range: $675 – $975

Meet Recy Wang​

Recy Wang has 17 years of experience in permanent cosmetics throughout Asia. She brings her knowledge and cutting-edge techniques right here to the US. Asian countries have long used permanent makeup as a standard beauty enhancement. The popularity of permanent makeup exploded in the late 90s when it was realized how convenient and carefree this beauty choice made life.

The field of permanent makeup and microblading in Asia has had more time to grow and mature. It provides many benefits to the clients by way of increased quality and experience in the industry. Training is more rigorous and regulated, styling techniques have had more time to advance through these highly trained artists, and an overall higher level of natural beauty is achievable with these styles of permanent makeup.

Recy started her career with a full year of intensive training and an apprenticeship program in Beijing’s top cosmetic design school. She served as a consultant for the prestigious Fengguan Beijing Plastic Surgery hospital. Within 2.5 year she had secured the position of lead consultant for permanent makeup. She attends clinics in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Busan, regularly to keep her skills and procedures updated with the latest international trends. She returned to her home city in 2006 to work for the Chongqing Huamei Plastic Surgery hospital.  Here she served as the lead consultant for permanent makeup, as well as the lead microblading design trainer for students training for permanent makeup at the hospital.

Even now, after living in the US for many years, Recy still receives calls from repeat customers inquiring when she will return to China and asking if they can schedule with her while she returns for visits.

Recy Wang - Permanent Makeup Master Artist

Some of Recy's Work

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