Advanced Artist

Price Range: $375 - $675

Meet Queenie

Queenie is an extraordinary specialist artist who has dedicated her life to the beauty industry. With over 3 years of microblading experience and 10 years of expertise in eyelash extensions, she possesses an unmatched skill set. Her passion for her craft shines through in every meticulous stroke and precise application, ensuring that her clients leave feeling transformed and confident.

What sets Queenie apart is her genuine desire to help everyone she encounters reach their beauty goals. She believes that beauty is unique to each individual and strives to enhance their natural features, creating stunning and personalized results. With a warm and caring approach, Queenie goes above and beyond to make her clients feel comfortable and valued, consistently delivering exceptional service and unparalleled artistry. Through her talent and unwavering commitment, Queenie’s aim is to spread joy and happiness by making everyone she works with feel beautiful and empowered.

Queenie Microblading Artist

Some of Queenie's Work

Eyelash Extensions completed by Perfection Permanent Makeup
Eyelash Extensions

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