Men's Microblading

Duration of Procedure: 2 to 3 hours

Microblading for gentlemen

Our artists will create masculine, life-like hair strokes with an unparalleled level of realism. Eyebrow Microblading is a professional treatment can be done for both Men & Women.

Ultimately, no matter what gender you are, wanting full, natural and clean-looking eyebrows is likely to hold some importance for you. Many Men have trouble with thinning eyebrows or have to deal with patchy spots. If you want an easier and almost permanent way to keep your eyebrows maintained and looking natural, then men’s microblading is the solution for you.

Eyebrows frame the eyes, occupying a prominent position as one of the first noticed aspects of the face. Our stylists can help you accentuate and strengthen your natural eyebrow shape. Working with our styling experts to find your perfect eyebrow shape and color is just one of the aspects that set Perfection Permanent Makeup apart in the field of men’s eyebrow microblading. We will work with you to find the perfect style that not only strengthens your physical features, but gives you confidence.

Whether your natural eyebrows present sparse, uneven, partially absent, or even completely absent, our men’s microblading service allows you to have perfect eyebrows, worry free. Whether you are doing a sports activity, exercising, or sleeping in, you will have confidence knowing that whatever the situation, you are always looking your best.

The upkeep of self-grooming tends to be an arduous job for a lot of men out there, hence many men have been more inclined to tame their unkempt eyebrows with microblading. From thinning, scarring, and not having the time to pluck out all of those undesirable hairs are some of the reasons that microblading is a great option for a lot of men. This treatment allows you to look your best at all times with minimal effort, provides the ability to tailor treatments to make your eyebrows look more natural or more defined and makes it easy to achieve your desired effect, while still ensuring no obvious gaps in the eyebrow line. Microblading for men is the new trend these days. 


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