How To Choose Your Eyebrow Style!

With so many styles of eyebrows to choose from and new ones emerging, it can be difficult to decide what eyebrow style suits you best. We understand this and are here to provide you with a bit of guidance.  In this article, we’ll be going over the different types of eyebrow styles available and the results you should expect from each one. Hopefully, this will give you the confidence to make a choice that will leave you feeling and looking your best! 

Understanding The Basic Styles: 

The basic styles that we will be discussing are microblading, microshading, combination and ombré.  It’s important to understand that these can also be called eyebrow tattoos, although they are only semi-permanent. They’re essentially the same type of procedure in many respects, but they each can give you a different look when preformed correctly. Thinking of the styles like that may help you give a little more respect for the process. 

Now, to give you a more in-depth look, we’ll go over the benefits of each style. That way, you can walk away from this article with a better decision in mind.


Microblading is the process of using a small handheld tool to add semi-permanent pigment into the skin. The difference between a tattoo gun and the tool used for microblading is the number of very small needles. Those tiny needles are used to manually draw the smallest hair strokes, creating a realistic-looking eyebrow.  That may sound intimidating, but the strokes made from the needles aren’t made nearly deep enough to cause concern. They’re much shallower than the ones produced by a tattoo gun. 

Are you a good fit for microblading? 

Yes, almost everyone is. Even if you’ve lost your eyebrows due to alopecia, you’re still eligible for microblading!  A good microblading specialist can produce stunning, realistic results on any skin tone. Microblading is an excellent fit for you if your eyebrows are not too sparse but not too dense as well.

Microshading or Powder Brows

Microshading is essentially the same as its older sister Microblading, but it brings a unique twist on the technique. It produces a shadow-type effect by using small pin-point dots that can create a gradient over the eyebrow when built up. So, instead of full blades of hair, you’ll have small dots that give your eyebrow more life. It sounds bizarre, but you’ll be thrilled with the results when used on its own or in conjunction with microblading. 

Are you a good fit for microshading?

The same as microblading, microshading is an excellent option for a lot of people. This could be the solution if your eyebrows are very sparse or over-plucked. It may also be perfect for people whose previously tattooed eyebrows have heavily faded over time. 

Combination “Combo”

The combination is exactly what you’re thinking. It merges the microblading and microshading to provide you with a more well-rounded look. It uses the hairs and pin-point dots to create a denser, more defined eyebrow. It also comes with the option to add an ombre effect.

Should you do a combination?

You can look back at microblading and shading to assess whether or not you’ll be a good fit for this. But overall, if you like the idea of both processes mentioned before, than this is it! Combination brows will give you a complete look that’s often hard to find.

3D Ombré Brows

This style can basically be described as a gradient effect. That means the eyebrow will be lighter on the inside and gradually become bolder as you move towards the tails of the eyebrow. It can be added on top of microshading or combination eyebrows to accomplish a two-tone effect that shines. 

Who is a good fit for this style?

One of the best things about this style is it can be applied to a wide variety of brows. No matter your skin type or condition, it’s likely that you’re a good fit. Not to mention the added benefit of simply applying this over top of previous work done.

Now, It’s time to get started! 

That’s all the information that you should need to start making your decision now! You just need to keep in mind what each style is used to accomplish, and don’t hesitate to ask questions before you make an appointment! 

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows aren’t as permanent as a tattoo, but you still don’t want to be left with a style that you don’t like for up to 12 months. 

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